A small love story

"After dating too many fellow lawyers, men unduly concerned about whether I was smarter than them (yes), made more money (rude) or was funnier (duh!), I wondered about sperm donors," Gillian Parson says. "Then I met Bert. The exes would have called him "just" a cop. Hellishly good-looking, irrevocably calm and a quiet observer who missed nothing, he was smarter but didn't need anyone to know it. With so little for him to prove, our income differential was like a height variation: inconsequential when lying down. Thirty years and two children later we're still the right amount of same, the right amount of different." (Source: New York Times, Tiny Love Letters)

Bubbly possibilities

Marcus Atkinson from Webb's auction house was excited to see the 1919 bottle of Moet et Chandon and the Shackleton-era beer in Sideswipe. "I can very well imagine that they might be more valuable as family heirlooms but maybe Trevor Warbrooke and Doug Somers-Edgar might like to see what they fetch at auction? We recently sold this 1938 Remy Martin Grande Champagne Louis XIII Cognac decanter. Originally presented in 1942 to Squadron Leader Eric Shaw on the awarding of the DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross) at Buckingham Palace. He brought the bottle back to New Zealand post-war, where it was kept in at a Christchurch hotel. It was then passed down to his son."

Telling it how it is

"On Valentine's Day it might be interesting to reflect on the meaning of various Kiwi celebrations by renaming them to reflect their true nature in 2019," writes Philip Tetley-Jones. "Valentine's Day — Performative Romance Day, Easter — The Festival of Chocolate, Halloween — Lolly Begging Night, Guy Fawkes — The Festival of Explosions, Christmas — Midsummer Carnival of Overconsumption ... Any others?"

Got a Sideswipe?


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