Many fans were excited to see Lady Gaga on the Red Carpet, however when she had an interview with Grammys host Ryan Seacrest things got a little bit... awkward.

Wearing a dress that resembles a star, the actress and singer spoke to the host alongside Mark Ronson, Andrew Waite and Anthony Rossomando.

However during the interview, Seacrest constantly interrupts Lady Gaga while she answers questions and he then leaves her in the dark when he doesn't ask her one at all.

Lady Gaga confused when Ryan Seacrest doesn't ask her a question. Photo / E!
Lady Gaga confused when Ryan Seacrest doesn't ask her a question. Photo / E!

The interview starts as normal, with Seacrest asking the Shallow writers how they co-produced the song, but it didn't take him long to start speaking over Lady Gaga.


"[We co-produce songs by having] everyone sitting around together, couple of guitars, bass, piano, typewriter and locking eyes with each other," Lady Gaga explains.

"And a bottle of scotch," one of the team members says.

Lady Gaga pipes up saying whiskey was involved, but she is interrupted by another question.

"How long did it take you to write Shallow?", Seacrest asks abruptly.

Lady Gaga said "it was quick" with the team guessing it took about a week.

The host then interrupts Lady Gaga again when he asks her about the awards they won, including winning a BAFTA.

"I won a BAFTA tonight with Bradley Cooper and Lucas Nelson," Lady Gaga says before he interrupts her with something inaudible.

She also speaks about her Grammy wins for Shallow and a version of Joanne she did.

This is when things really take an awkward turn.

Seacrest asks about the Oscars live performance, except he doesn't really ask her a question.

"And next it's the Oscars with a live performance with Bradley at the Oscars...," he says passing her the microphone.

Lady Gaga stands there awkwardly waiting for a question, however the microphone stays up to her face as she remained speechless.

She decides to break the silence and make a joke about the host's interviewing skills and repeatedly pretends to hand a mic back to Seacrest.

"You're like, answer my question but I'm not asking one," Lady Gaga says.

He responds by saying they are out of time and that he has to let them go..

"It says toss to break", he points out to Lady Gaga as the rest stand around awkwardly giggling.

Seacrest ends the interview saying: "Here's me not asking a question, we'll be right back" and hands the mic back to Lady Gaga.

She stands there looking dumbfounded again - but then quickly plays along by overly acting until the screen cuts to the break.