If you heard the speech from Mick's best man on Married At First Sight last night, you've probably spent all day wishing you could unsee the mental image it conjured up.

In cringeworthy scenes, the farmer's best man Broxy managed to stop the wedding in its tracks with his graphic description of a beach holiday gone wrong and — fair warning — it's not for the faint of heart.

Broxy's speech went down like a lead balloon.
Broxy's speech went down like a lead balloon.

"We went up to Airlie Beach for a couple of drinks and we drunk the whole bar dry," Broxy said.

"We're having a good time and Mick says, 'I'm gonna take some Viagra.' So he's taken the Viagra as a bit of a gee-up. Mick's raring at everything but nothing's coming at him.


"Obviously the Viagra's worked. And I'm asleep — but I've woken up and I can hear some noises. I open me eyes. He's made himself a bloody tent over himself and he's having a go. I go, 'Jesus mate! Bloody hell, how many times you done this?'

"He says, 'At least five'. So now you know a bit about Mick."

Broxy's speech drew horrified reactions from bride Jessika and her family, with her dad labelling Mick a "f**king wanker" while her ridiculously hot brother Rhyce said the story was "disgusting".

Mick has defended his best man's speech as
Mick has defended his best man's speech as "piss funny".

While clearly mortified on the night, Mick has since defended his best man over the speech, telling the Northern Star it was "a bloody laugh".

"The bride thought it was hilarious too, until two people got in her ear. A few people took it the wrong way, but it was piss funny," he said.

The 32-year-old also told 9Honey the speech was a "cracker" and his friend "never lets the truth get in the way of a good story".

"What a speech. It was a gem," Mick said. "Everyone had a laugh and that's what you want. Bring the people together — and what better way than through laughter."

Unfortunately for Mickm viewers at home didn't agree, taking to Twitter to condemn Broxy's speech.