Lemkin intruder

Brian Marks of Paihia writes: "Prior to Christmas a rogue pumpkin seed sprouted on our shared boundary and one runner snaked its way on to our raised garden and up through the branches of our lemon tree. There a female flower was fertilised (bee) and a small pumpkin formed. It is now over three kilos in weight and stressing the lemon tree boughs somewhat. A friend staying with us is sure it is a 'Lemkin'."

More slip, slap, sloppy 'line marking'

"I have evidence of gross negligence by road painters on busy Dominion Rd, Auckland," declares Mathew. "This is what happened to my wife's car while I was parking it outside 300 Dominion Rd, the address of the Outside Obie bar where we play music, just before 8pm last Thursday.

"Auckland Transport acted promptly to have it cleaned up after I complained." Photo / Supplied

"Unaware that a pool of yellow road marking paint had been unceremoniously dumped in the gutter the previous night, I backed through it, piercing the skin of the paint and saturating the front left wheel of the car and splashing a rear wheel as well. A patron of the bar then told me she had witnessed a slew of sticky yellow paint 'spewing into the gutter'. The workmen left it and Auckland Transport acted promptly to have it cleaned up after I complained."

Vintage XXXX

Peter from Waitakaruru offers this 79-year-old long-neck unopened bottle of Extra Stout XXXX, bottled at Union Brewery in Westport, by Morely & Co to Sideswipe's discussion on old booze. "It would have come up with my Grandfather [Jim Mitchell] in 1940, when they shifted from Burnetts Face, a small village in behind the famous Denniston coal mine on the West Coast of the South Island, to Pt Chevalier in Auckland. I found it when I was cleaning out my Dad's shed [Jim Mitchell jnr], after he passed on in August 2008."


Reunion plans: Call out for 1969 nursing trainees

Any nurses who trained at Auckland Public Hospital (as it was known then) starting in April 1969 who want to come to a reunion, please contact Janet on janet.larkman@aut.co.nz .

Pack mentality

What Mapping 68,000 GPS locations from 7 wolves in different packs looks like. Read more.

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How to lengthen your life…

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