Shower thoughts


"I love talking to small children. No adult is ever going to ask me what my third favourite dinosaur is."


"The idea that nothing matters is the root of both depression and happiness, but from very different perspectives."



"You are never too old to say 'moo' when you drive past a field of cows."


"I probably wouldn't mind mosquitoes taking a little bit of my blood if they didn't inject me with poison to make me red and itchy." (

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Visitors messed up

"Living in Torbay, my wife and I frequently walk the length (1.5 km) of Long Bay Beach year round," writes Ron Czerniak. "During autumn, winter and spring we seldom see any rubbish on this beautiful beach or in the adjacent park. Same is true for most summer weekdays. But summer weekends are a different matter. "On our walk along the beach late on Saturday afternoon, this is what we collected. In considering that for most of the year it is mainly locals who use the park and beach, there is a strong argument for the conclusion that it is visitors (cretins) from other parts of Auckland who are the litter culprits."

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

Lucky to be alive

A med student recalls a very unlucky/lucky guy who forgot his keys and was climbing into his own apartment through a window. "His cousin/friend thought the unlucky/lucky guy was an intruder and fired a gun at him. The bullet went into his mouth and cleanly exited the back of his neck. After surgery, he was fine in a few days, somehow missed all major structures. Didn't even chip a tooth. Really pissed at his cousin." (Via Ask Reddit)

Poles tax pedestrians

Go around. Photo / Supplied
Go around. Photo / Supplied

Not only must we battle bikes, cyclists, skateboards and Lime scooters on our footpaths, now there are inappropriately positioned power poles, writes Kevin of Rothesay Bay. "Apparently it is acceptable if it has the OSH approved warning system ..."

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Morphing kitten to cat time lapse…

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