Medical misadventure

"One time a cadaver on which I was performing an autopsy had a lung which was flipped upside-down," writes Reddit user CaptainReginaldLong. "When I tried to flip it to the proper position, bloop. It flipped right back to upside-down. After some due diligence we realised the lung was a transplant and the surgeons who performed the transplant had attached the organ incorrectly. The lung had been fighting to be upside-down its whole life in this other man. After 15 or so years, the man eventually moved in a way that allowed it to flip over, resulting in his death."

Tidy up before you go

Minimalism has been all the rage lately, but the Swedish concept of döstädning, or "death cleaning", takes decluttering your life into slightly morbid territory. The idea is sort through your stuff while alive, to make things easier on your loved ones after you die. Margareta Magnusson's book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, suggests once you have collected the belongings you're going to get rid of, invite family and friends over to see what they might want. Making it social and a chance to share memories. She says get rid of embarrassing things. "Whether that's old diaries or evidence of your vices think about whether you'd want to find it in your loved one's home — and if you wouldn't, destroy it." Save photographs and letters for last, she says. The emotional content in these items can make them the hardest to sort through. When it comes to photographs, throw out any duplicates or pictures of people you can't name. Maybe give family members their own photo album.

Tree parking

Onzo parking at its finest in Mission Bay. Spotted by Jeff.

All about a buoy

A reader writes: "I am one of a team of beach rubbish collectors on the Awhitu Peninsula. Occasionally we find items which could be returned to their owners. We recently found a buoy — apparently set up for marking a set net, with a polystyrene float and a flag.The name on it is R. Gilberd but the cellphone number is defunct ... It would be great to return this and maybe find out how far it has travelled." Email Sideswipe for further details.


Video pick

Spider-Tailed Horned Viper of western Iran is the stuff of nightmares - one end is horned viper the other is a tail, which looks like a spider to lure in its prey…

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