Netflix has been hyping its latest true crime series in the most provocative way, issuing a "warning" to viewers not to watch it alone. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes details the serial killer's rampage via interviews with survivors, journalists and police. But it also contains audio interviews with the killer, which have been leaving viewers "terrified". I wouldn't go that far, but it is a fascinating look into the killer's mind as well as the societal factors which drove him to commit such evil.


I wish I came to Cupcakke's music under better circumstances, but unfortunately, I was prompted to look her up when she made headlines after being hospitalised amid mental health concerns. She's since assured fans she's okay and I hope that's true because she is incredible and has a bright career ahead of her. Cupcakke has a lot to say and the bars to make you listen to her in any form, from club bangers to heartfelt spoken word monologues. She's brazen, sexually explicit, unapologetic and powerful, and between seeking help for mental health and slaying the rap game, 2019 feels like her year.


Jonathan van Ness is the human embodiment of love and light and I absolutely adore him, which is why I can't believe it took so long for me to cotton on to his podcast Getting Curious. In it, he interviews famous friends, colleagues and experts for 30 minutes or so, and it could be about anything from the lives of his Queer Eye cast mates to the history of the Romanovs to menstrual cups. JVN is incredibly smart and insightful, and he spreads joy and empowerment, which is honestly #2019goals.



I will never not rave about Grace and Frankie, which recently returned to Netflix for its fifth season. It's funny, warm, refreshingly low stakes and just blissfully easy to watch and enjoy. This is their "f**k it" season, in which Grace turns 80 and - much like Jane Fonda, who plays her - decides to just say "f**k it" to rules and expecations and just starts living for herself. The pair turn the tables on ageism and as always, the focus is on female friendship, family and empowerment. Oh, and Sol gets a dog, so there's that too.