Finding love on a show like Married At First Sight is a long shot, but the reality series' resident relationship expert has nailed it in real life.

Dr Trisha Stratford has opened up to the Australian Woman's Day about her new romance with a Kiwi father of three named Roger.

She revealed Roger flew all the way to Sydney just to go on a blind date with her.

"He picked up the phone and invited me out for coffee. He jumped on the plane to Sydney, we had the coffee and the rest, as they say, is history," she said.


They've been pretty much inseparable since last February, and Kiwi-born Stratford recently revealed plans to move back to New Zealand to be with her beau.

She told the NZ Woman's Day: "I was always planning to come back, but he's sped up my time frame."

Dr Stratford is the clinical neuropsychotherapist on MAFS Australia and has been a part of the show since its inception.

She also recently appeared on New Zealand's version of the reality show as a guest expert.