The trend of iPhone users asking Siri "What is one trillion to the tenth power" is not new, however the maths equation has sparked the latest Siri Challenge — and musicians have taken to an entirely new level.

When artists ask Siri the question, she quotes a whole lot of zeros, which allows the musicians to come up with their own musical masterpiece.

This isn't the first time this question has inspired people, as a group came up with a masterpiece of their own in 2016.

However, it seems the Siri Challenge has once again created inspiration for artists who have shared their own musical versions online.


One unforgettable performer, Indya Slaughter - better known by her producer name, Jenreles - made a video which has since gone viral.

Jenreles, who's also an emergency medical technician in Cincinnati, told BuzzFeed News that she was inspired to take part after seeing another video.

"My friend sent me a viral video of two people doing the Siri challenge and told me that I should recreate the beat. The video she sent me was very well done, and I thought it would be fun to see what I could come up with, she told Buzzfeed.

"The video that my friend initially sent me inspired me to make the beat using pens. I used to make beats with either pencils or pens in middle school so it was something that brought back memories for me.

"Once the recording was finished I sent it to her. She responded by saying, 'This is so good' and asked if she could post it on her Twitter. It took off from there."

The video has been viewed more than four million times and retweeted 72,000 times.