Now that's progress

Last year the women of Saudi Arabia were granted legal permission to drive a car and enter sport stadia. Now they are allowed to know when they are being divorced. Saudi courts will notify women by text message when they get divorced. The new regulation is a response to Saudi men secretly ending marriages without telling their wives.

Keeping male essentials cool

Scientists in Poland have invented the CoolMen, a new wearable cooling pouch for testicles, which could help male fertility. The device monitors and maintains the temperature of your crown jewels by Bluetooth. One main cause of male infertility is low sperm count and quality, which is often the result of an elevated temperature for extended periods. The ideal temperature is supposed to be about 1-2C below your body temperature. The scrotum normally does the temperature modulation by hanging away from from the body when hot, but that's countered by tight clothing and sitting behind the wheel or a computer for too many hours a day.

The problem with predictive text

'A New Year message from my brother-in-law'; writes Kerry. 'Damn predictive text ... '
'A New Year message from my brother-in-law'; writes Kerry. 'Damn predictive text ... '

Bread find explained

Another reader has responded to Tuesday's photo of bread outside the Remuera branch of Bakers Delight at the end of New Year's Day: "My student daughter works there part-time and at the end of each day the store owner very generously donates all leftover produce (everything is baked fresh every day) to various charities who pick it up from the store as it's closing. Looks like on New Year's Day no one came to pick it up, hence the bags of baked goods outside the store."

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