This year's Golden Globes ceremony might be only just getting underway but already an embarrassing red carpet blunder has threatened to steal the show.

During E! Entertainment channel's rolling coverage of the red carpet, an awkward broadcast mix-up saw actor Jameela Jamil incorrectly captioned.

E! captioned Jamil as Kamilah Al-Jamil, the sister of her The Good Place character Tahani Al-Jamil.

The mistake seems to be almost too good to be true as in The Good Place (warning: spoilers) Tahani is constantly being overshadowed by her overachieving sister Kamilah.


So either one of the channel's caption writers has a very good sense of humour or this has got to be one serious coincidence.

Real blooper or not, it didn't go unnoticed by those watching at home — with Netflix, which streams The Good Place, sharing a screenshot of E!'s incorrect caption to Twitter which quickly went viral.

Jamil is yet to comment on E!'s caption blunder but did tweet before the red carpet that she was going to the Golden Globes in "full Tahani gear".

The Good Place star also joked with a fan that tweeted "Kamilah is shaking" over her red carpet get-up, making E!'s mistake even funnier.

The actor also won applause for her decision to wear jeans under her Monique Lhuillier which she had decided to do because it was "forking COLD".