Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. has caused a stir during his "comeback tour" after he mocked the high school students who survived the Parkland massacre.

During a recent gig in Long Island, the comedian claimed the students were uninteresting and "pushed some fat kid in the way" so that they didn't get shot, according to newly-released audio of the set.

"You're not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot. Why does that mean I have to listen to you?" the stand-up stated in audio from the December 16 performance which was published on Youtube.

"Why does that make you interesting? You didn't get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I gotta listen to you talking," C.K. added.


"They testify in front of Congress these kids … What are you doing? You're young, you should be crazy, you should be unhinged. Not in a suit saying, 'I'm here to tell you … F**k you,'" C.K. continued.

Students from the school, David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez became advocates for gun control after 17 of their school mates were shot dead at the Florida high school on February 14 - the deadliest mass shooting at a high school in US history.

51-year-old C.K., who last year admitted to masturbating in front on women, continued his attack against on the students during an hour-long rant.

"They're just boring," C.K. said. "F*****g telling me you shouldn't say that. What are you an old lady?"

The comic was quickly attacked online for his controversial set by director Judd Apatow and the father of one of the victims of the deadly shooting.

"To anyone who knows Louis CK, please deliver this message for me. My daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting. My son ran from the bullets. My wife and I deal with loss everyday. Why don't you come to my house and try out your new pathetic jokes?" tweeted Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed in the mass shooting.

C.K also had both HBO and Netflix sever ties with him this year after his sexual misconduct scandal broke, but the comedian chose to use this also as fuel for his comedy routine.

"I live in New York. I f — king hate it now. I loved New York for 20 years. Now I'd rather be in Auschwitz, honestly. I mean Auschwitz now," C.K. said.


CNN reported that the comedian also mocked people with disabilities, to which the audience could be heard roaring with laughter in response.