This sign at the boardwalk between The Sands apartments and Takapuna Beach is used by hundreds of people. It has been closed like this for about four months. What is galling is when they say "Thank you for your patience". A call to the council has made no difference, maybe a Sideswipe will?

Rip off NZ continued ...

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1. "Forget Bunnings," writes a reader. These 'pool accessories' (pictured above, screw at $58.50 and washer at $54.10) were bulk uploaded by a US company on to TradeMe yesterday. "At these prices I can understand why they offer free shipping."

2. Ed Ackman was checking pricing on the internet and found that Walmart, in the US, sells 126 fl oz of milk for US$1.38. "So, just out of curiosity I had a look at what price Countdown charges for Anchor milk, a brand owned by the world's biggest dairy exporter, our own Fonterra. Anchor's advertised price is $4.53 per 2 litres. So here's the bottom line: NZ price = $2.26/litre. US price = NZ54c/litre (126 fl oz = 3.7 litres; US$1.38 = NZ$2) and that, friends, means we pay more than four times the price for a litre of milk than the US consumer."

3. A reader writes: "New Zealand-made Kapiti ice cream is for sale in Aldi Supermarket, Melbourne, for A$4.99 ($5.32) and in New World, Albany, for $8.79. Who's getting ripped off here?"


Sexy ordeal over

From News Thump: "Medical advances have seen Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass undergo a specialised procedure to reduce his sexiness to normal levels and allow him finally to wear his shirt. Mr Fairbrass' problems began in the early nineties when he woke up one morning to find that he was too sexy for his shirt, and the condition worsened throughout the day until he became so sexy it hurt. 'It was a difficult time for me,' said the considerably less sexy singer. 'I couldn't travel to either Milan, New York or Japan, which was a problem, because I was a model, you know what I mean?' The condition deteriorated further with Fairbrass becoming too sexy for his cat, his hat and his car, leading to tremendously embarrassing scenes at his local petrol station. 'I'm just glad the nightmare is finally over,' said a tearful Mr Fairbrass.'Not being able to wear your own shirt or stroke your own cat because of your sexiness is a hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. Now I'm looking forward to living out the rest of my life wearing a shirt and not being remotely sexy. Like all other British men'."

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