Land-lording it

Any experts with some advice for this renter, who posted their quandary on Reddit this week? "Got a situation where our entire flat has been restricted permanently from parking in the driveway. Roadside parking isn't available (it's metered), so it's risk regular fines on the roadside for parking too long, or risk getting towed by the landlord for parking in the driveway (he did threaten this). The landlord doesn't live here, but does regularly park his own vehicles in the driveway so I presume the whole motive is just to keep a free spot for himself. Is this even legal? We are basically screwed now. Wondering if I should report my car stolen or something silly if it gets towed from my own residence due to the ridiculousness of the situation?"

A wake at night

H20 infused mattresses appear to be making a comeback, but it's "not your parents' waterbed". Called Afloat, the modern waterbed mattress contains a layer of memory foam, conforming to the user's body and has dual-temperature control for couples with divergent temperature needs. They're also significantly less "jiggly" than their vintage counterparts. While sex was a major selling point for the original waterbed - the first one was named "The Pleasure Pit", and a velvet-covered version featured in the May 1970 issue of Playboy - the makers of Afloat emphasise comfort and design.

Breaking Bad fan

Whoever created this instruction screen in the Kiwibank app is a Breaking Bad fan.
Whoever created this instruction screen in the Kiwibank app is a Breaking Bad fan.

What simple thing did you learn at an embarrassingly late age?

1. Andrew writes: "We were exiting Auckland international airport car park, and I put my ticket in the machine which duly accepted it and came back with a 'have a nice day' or recorded words to that effect. My daughter Caitlin, aged 23, who is otherwise very intelligent, remarked 'God, that must be such a boring job'."

2. You should not believe everything your grandad told you, Rod writes: "Driving towards East Cape, we came down a hill facing a beach strewn with driftwood. 'Gee there must have been a lot of shipwrecks here' says my wife. Later, walking along the beach she picks up a twisted bit of Rata and asks, 'What part of a boat would this have come from?' The penny dropped, 'You think all driftwood comes from boat wrecks, don't you?' Red face."


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