Newstalk ZB radio star Kate Hawkesby has trolled her husband Mike Hosking, revealing the Christmas present she intends to give to her other half.

Taking to Instagram, Hawkesby posted a photo of her and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the Deloitte Top 200 awards at Spark Arena on Wednesday.

Hosking, who is a renowned National fan, is likely to get a shock after his wife revealed she plans to wrap the image up and stick it under the tree.

"That's the Xmas present for the hubby sorted," she captioned the photo.


"Framing it tomorrow. Thanks Jacinda Ardern for being such a good sport.

"He's gonna love it!"

Fans took to social media to praise Ardern while poking fun at Hosking.

"You made me cry with laughter at this. PM clearly a good sport," one person wrote.

Another said: "He will love it. Good on you both!"

Often critical of the Government and the Labour party, last month Mike Hosking warmed to Jacinda Ardern, admitting the coalition Government has prospered.

"They've collectively not just held together, they have in many respects prospered," he said.

"There has barely been a hint of dissent, there was a minor verbal skirmish or two around migration and refugees from Winston, who it was suggested might be looking to play his hand a little more overtly.


"But when it came to the stuff they had to swallow, everyone has played their part.

"From the Greens giving water bottling plants the green light, to the oil ban for New Zealand First to the waka bill for Labour, each party has had to face the simple reality of a multi-party deal; not all you want you get, and not all you do you like.

"But at no point in the past 12 months have we had the slightest sniff of scandal, upset, tantys, stamping of feet, or disunity."

This has been a coalition that has set the standard.