Pharrell unhappy

Pharrell Williams wants Donald Trump to stop playing Happy at his political events. The President allegedly played the song during a rally in Indiana on Saturday, hours after the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Through his lawyer, Williams said he will not grant Trump permission to use or publicly perform any of his music, and claims the use of the song contravenes copyright law.

Trump has been asked by other artists to stop using their music, most notably Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, who has asked the President three times to stop using his music. There's also Neil Young, R.E.M. and The Rolling Stones who've said no in the past. Trump can probably play Kanye's Gold Digger.

Creepy Jesus

This tremendous artwork by Kata Billups titled Jesus Tried to Cheer up a Clinically Depressed Paul McCartney Using a Lambchop Puppet is for sale on eBay. Still. Since 2010. It may have something to do with the US$257,000 ($392,426) price tag. "It's post-modern," Billups says.

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

"This painting is blending my icons (Paul McCartney and Lamb Chop) with my ultimate icon (Jesus Christ)," she tells "I made Jesus like that because I wanted to show a different aspect of Jesus, like Jesus as a friend, and I thought, 'What's a better friend than one who kind of leaves you alone when you're bummed out, but still sits by your side?'"


A load of ... common sense

Burning question of the day ... Should it be handles up or down when you load utensils into the dishwasher? According to one Guardian reader, the major benefit of handles up is "that the potentially grubby paw that removes the clean utensil does not contaminate the business end that goes in someone's mouth". Another arguably more important benefit of "handles up" is surely not inadvertently stabbing yourself with the upturned blade of a steak knife.

Shower thoughts


The reason most of us stay up late is because we don't want our free time to end and tomorrow to start.


It's been 19 years since Spongebob first aired and he still doesn't have his boating licence.


There are only nine more Mondays left this year.



You are not a person, you are a brain. You just control the meat suit.

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