The devil's in the detail of this game

Pokemon Go, the wildly successful mobile game, was always going to spawn some imitators. But no one would've picked the Catholic Church ... "Follow JC Go!" lets players "catch" saints or Bible characters, instead of the little Japanese monsters. As with Pokemon Go, the game uses the player's smartphone camera to take in their surroundings, then superimposes digital characters. But you're more likely to find Saint Peter than Pikachu. Players progress through the game by answering religious quiz questions when they "meet" a saint. Moses might ask the player, "Was it me who said: 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"' The game also encourages real-world worship by prompting the user to stop and pray if they pass a church.

On the Google store, early Android phone users have given the app a less-than-heavenly 3.2 stars out of five. One reviewer commented: "The best app I have on the phone, I feel happy to follow the path of the Lord from my smartphone." Another (perhaps less seriously), gave it one star, mourning: "I wanted to burn heretics, but it wasn't possible."

Not that's a birthday card!

You may feel constantly plagued at work with birthday cards doing the rounds, but imagine organising this mammoth effort. In 1926, America celebrated the 150th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence. To mark the occasion, citizens of Poland - more than 5.5 million of them - signed a unique birthday card, The Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship. Now, all 111 volumes containing more than 30,000 pages - many beautifully illustrated or accompanied by photographs - are digitised and accessible on the Library of Congress website.

How to find a husband in 1958

How to find a husband according to an American Woman magazine from 1958.
How to find a husband according to an American Woman magazine from 1958.

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