Kiwis' favourite TV drama Shortland Street is ditching Friday nights and will air Sunday to Thursday in 2019.

The move follows the soap's 2018 Winter Season, during which showrunners aired the series for six nights a week (Sunday to Friday) for the first time ever.

When the Winter Season was announced, Shorty writer and producer Maxine Fleming said maintaining six nights a week long term would require "a hell of a lot more episodes" to be made "which would be pretty much impossible".

However she did add that traditionally, Fridays have been one of the lowest-rating nights of the week and said, "If Sundays do well, they might look at how they might screen it differently down the track."


It's a major change for the soap which has been airing Monday to Friday since it started in 1992.

It's unclear what will replace the show in Friday's 7pm slot.