What you thought you knew about Scott Dixon is confirmed in this documentary, which follows Dixon during the 2017 IndyCar season.

He's a good guy, focused and, for the most part cool, as a cucumber as he travels the length of a football field every second for hours on end. Off track he's quiet and humble, committed to his job and family. He's driven by doing what he loves - driving finely tuned machines at excessive speeds - rather than fame and fortune.

What this documentary does reveal, however, is how far Dixon goes to find the edge that's seen him win the IndyCar championship a remarkable five times. We go behind the scenes to see how he trains, prepares for races, handles the pressure of racing and, most importantly, deals with the reality his job could kill him.

The film features Dixon's wife, former competitive runner Emma Davies-Dixon, who gives another perspective on her husband and his chosen sport; that of the supportive and understanding, but understandingly nervous, wife. Dixon's parents also share memories of Scott's early days of racing, camping at weekend meets, and the financial sacrifices they made.


As much as Born Racer tells the Scott Dixon story, it also a fascinating glimpse into life on the Indy circuit, the incredible work behind the scenes by the whole team to get the car on the track, and how vital it is they work in unison on race day.

Those who love motor sport will lap all this up. While you may know how the 2017 season played out for the Chip Ganassi Racing Team, you'll still hold your breath watching Dixon's horrific crash at Indianapolis, and feel the tension of the whole team as they try to the bitter end to win the season.

And if you're not a fan you'll still leave with a new respect for IndyCar racing, and appreciation for what Dixon has achieved.

Cast: Scott Dixon, Chip Ganassi
Director: Bryn Evans
Running Time: 88 mins
Rating: M (Offensive language)
Verdict: A thrilling glimpse into being an IndyCar racer through the eyes of Scott Dixon and the Chip Ganassi Racing Team.