Dawson's Creek star Busy Philipps is spilling some major gossip about what happened behind the scenes of the hit 90s show.

The actress writes in her new book This Will Only Hurt A Little that by the time she entered the show in Season 5, it was clear the cast didn't hang out much behind the scenes.

"On set, it was clear that Katie was the star," Philipps writes.

She said that when she would have trouble with her lines the director would say, 'Don't worry if you can't get it. We'll just cut to Katie. That's what we do mostly anyway, because … I mean. Look at that face!'"


"Katie was very sweet, but we didn't spend that much time together. I knew she worked out a lot," Philipps wrote. "She didn't seem to like to drink very much, and while I knew she'd sneak a cigarette every once in a while, she wasn't really like a hang-out-and-smoke kind of girl."

Philipps said she went to Holmes' house a few times where she tried to bond with the actress over their mutual love of arts and crafts but says she "had a hard time really connecting with her".

Former Dawson's Creek stars Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams. Photo / Getty
Former Dawson's Creek stars Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams. Photo / Getty

"She'd been going out with Chris Klein for a while, and he came out to Wilmington and spent a good deal of time there, so she was mostly off with him," Philipps wrote.

She said it was "clear" that Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek, who played best friends and rivals Dawson and Pacey, didn't really like each other.

She says while Jackson is " a good guy" he fancied himself as a "George Clooney type" and wanted to be "one of the guys with the crew".

"His ability to turn a conversation into a dissertation was incredible," she wrote.

Philipps says it was also obvious that her now-BFF and Holmes weren't close either.

Philipps has previously said that she stopped hearing from Holmes after the actress started dating Tom Cruise.


"I remembered when it happened and I was like 'are you on a plane in San Francisco with Tom Cruise? What is happening?' and I saw her three years later and she had a kid," Philipps said.

While Philipps says she couldn't get close to Holmes back in the day, Holmes told ET that she would love to be a guest on her former co-star's new talk show.

"I would love to do anything with Busy," Holmes said. "Yeah, she's great".

Philipps also reveals that she was body shamed on the set.

"Wardrobe was really disheartening. The woman looked at my body sceptically. 'Hmmm. I think the trick with you will be to just accentuate your chest and push up your boobs and maybe show your legs, and then just try to hide from here' — she pointed to right under my boobs — 'to here' — She pointed to right above my knees,

"I was confused. There needed to be a trick? My body was a problem? … The makeup department was no better. 'So, I guess we have to cover all these moles? What have people done in the past about it?' … 'I guess the network and producers don't like all these moles on you, so we're supposed to cover them up."'