There are more than 450 vehicles to choose from in Forza Horizon 4 but it's pretty easy to pick the most impressive: it's a hovercraft.

At one point you're racing this behemoth of a machine down some rugged terrain, fighting for position while soaking in the visually stunning scenery and you realise that, yep, the Forza team has done it again.

The latest Horizon edition features dynamic seasons for the first time in the game's history. Starting with autumn you work your way through races and challenges in vastly changing environments. It makes sense to introduce this feature while based in Great Britain, an area of the world known for creating wildly varied weather over a year.

The scenery in past Forza titles has been at a level that, at times, you feel like pulling the car over and just soaking it all in. As you'd expect, the changing seasons take it to a whole new level in Horizon 4. It helps that game developer Playground Games is based in England, with everyone working on the game chipping in with location ideas.


Players will notice sections of the British south coast, Midlands areas, the Yorkshire Moors, the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, and also Edinburgh, which is the main city area. Wherever and whenever you drive – it's stunning.

Much like jumping off a 50m drop side to side with a hovercraft, Forza Horizon 4 makes the equally big leap to a fully open world where gamers are able to race against others online.

Judgment on the online component is on hold until it gets a real test over the next few weeks but, as it stands, the game is open-world driving at its best.

Of course, what would a Forza be without the cars? The magnificent McLaren Senna graces the cover this time and there's more than 450 different cars at launch and even more on offer for those who buy the Car Pass – which will see you receive two new cars every week for the first 26 weeks after the game is launched.

And yes, every last detail right down to the exact paint tone in every car. Now that's attention to detail.

Forza Horizon 4

Release date: October 2
Platform: Xbox One
Verdict: 'Tis the season for serious open-world driving