Mark Wahlberg has recently made headlines with details of his outrageous workout routine, which involves getting up at 2.30am and having a daily session in a cryogenic chamber, among other things.

Ryan Reynolds saw the comedy value in Wahlberg's revelation and decided to run with it, releasing details of his own outrageous (and very much made up) daily routine.

Reynolds' weekly schedule went out as an out-of-office reply to anyone who emailed his address (Reynolds is the owner of the gin company Aviation Gin).

His schedule includes important tasks such as "find out why they're called Toronto Maple Leafs and not leaves. It makes no sense."

Photo / Ryan Reynolds
Photo / Ryan Reynolds

He labels Thursday his "parenting day" and it includes things like picking up his kids from the "celebrity child kennel".


On Fridays at midday, Reynolds is busy with his weekly "Skype with secret family in Denmark".

The "schedule" is apparently emailed to anyone who emails

Reynolds has denied rumours that his public schedule was a response to Wahlberg's, saying he actually released his first.