Air New Zealand is Litt, those would be the words from the Suits character Louis Litt if he were real.

Instead, his actor, Rick Hoffman, praised the airline.

The American TV star took to Twitter today and said Air New Zealand was "by far the most accommodating" airline in the world.

"Hands down @FlyAirNZ is by far the most accommodating with the most human customer service if you are flying that direction anywhere," he wrote.


An Air New Zealand spokesperson told the Herald they were "extremely flattered" by his comments.

"We know he's been a fan of New Zealand for some time and it's not the first time he's travelled with us.

"We hope to welcome him back on board again soon," the spokesperson said.

The airline declined to say where and when Hoffman had flown with Air NZ, citing privacy.

Hoffman also told the airline he would happily appear as the next famous actor on their safety video, he in fact demanded to be their spokesperson.

"Thank you Air New Zealand ... I will be your next spokesperson ... No ... no need to ask ... I'll just be it ... nope I insist!!!!" he said.

Hoffman visited New Zealand at the start of last year and during his stay, he even learned some of the lingo.