Two Te Awamutu sisters are buzzing after hitting it off with Pink at an Auckland bar and then being given tickets — by the pop sensation herself — to see her perform a second time.

They say the incredible act of kindness was a blessing after having lost their mum and brother to depression.

Chick Bailey and Melissa Parsons thought they'd had the best night of their lives seeing the Beautiful Trauma concert with husbands Mike Bailey and Ben Parsons last Wednesday night.

Raise your glass: Te Awamutu sisters Chick Bailey (left) and Melissa Parsons with husbands Mike Bailey and Ben Parsons (right) at Pink's 'Beautiful Trauma' concert.
Raise your glass: Te Awamutu sisters Chick Bailey (left) and Melissa Parsons with husbands Mike Bailey and Ben Parsons (right) at Pink's 'Beautiful Trauma' concert.

They hardly believed their luck when they spied the international star at Huami Bar the next day.


"We were walking past SkyCity Hotel on the Thursday afternoon and my brother-in-law said 'that looks like Pink's guitarist in the bar across the road'," Chick said.

"Me and my sister linked arms and stormed inside. We walked into the tiny bar and were so star-struck. There Pink was, sitting at the bar with her husband having a date on her day off."

"The waitress came and asked what we'd like to drink but we couldn't concentrate.

"We were sitting right beside her for ages and were so star-struck. Pink then got up and went to the toilet. We knew if we didn't ask for a photo we'd regret it.

"When she came back I just lifted up my phone and she just walked over to us and said 'I don't want a photo'."

But the sisters didn't mind and went on to tell Pink how much they loved her show the night before.

"We would see your show every night if we could," Melissa told Pink.

Pink then offered the sisters four free tickets to see her perform again.

"She said, 'What night do you want to go and how many tickets do you want?'"

Pink took Chick's name and email address.

"When she found out my last name was Bailey she told me: "I've got a dog called Bailey and he's just gone to heaven. We were meant to meet you today."

"We had about three hugs with her — she was just amazing."

The sisters describe Pink as "down to earth".

"She told us how her little boy Jameson had done a tantrum all the way to the bookshop and back — just normal motherhood stuff."

Chick and Melissa invited their long-time Te Awamutu friends Keren Baynes and Amy Ravenscroft to see Pink with them the next night.

The sisters left their husbands at home to look after the children.

"There was this huge queue of people on the Friday night and we just bypassed them. We were on Pink's guest list."

At the show they were given premium seats near Pink's father and step-mum.

"We were so close to the stage and could see everything."

The special sequence of events was a dream come true for Chick, whose daughter Willow was named after Pink's daughter.

"Our amazing mum was definitely watching over us and helped create these magical memories."