A group of crazed fans and a film crew have punched and kicked each other and sent one person to hospital in a violent altercation outside the Gold Coast hotel that a Chinese boy band was staying in.

The film crew covering the tour of musician Justin Huang and his band Nine Percent clashed with the fans outside Azzura Greens Resort on Hope Island yesterday afternoon.

In video obtained by 9 News, the group of men can be seen violently punching each other in the head and, at one point, kicking a man while he's cowering on the ground.

The film crew were also recorded on a witness' mobile phone using their tripods to assault the group.

The men ganged up on one fan. Photo / Channel 9
The men ganged up on one fan. Photo / Channel 9

Other footage shows two women fighting each other.

The brawl started after the Nine Percent bus arrived at the resort, tailed by the group of fans which had spent the whole day following the group to try to get photos.

More than a dozen people were involved in the violence before police arrived to arrest people.

A 26-year-old Griffith University student was also taken to hospital.

Three men and two women have since been charged with common assault and public nuisance and Queensland Police has seized their passports and belongings as part of the investigation.

Those charged include two 30-year-old men, a 23-year-old man, and two women aged 23 and 28.

The band is due to fly home today but with some of its crew now without passports, Nine Percent might be spending more time in Australian than first thought.

Justin Huang shot to stardom after starring on a Chinese talent show, similar to Australian Idol.


Despite only being 16 years old, Huang is a huge international star.

A week before the band was due to arrive, a superfan spent thousands to have the name Justin Huang written in the sky over Surfers Paradise.