Britney Spears has made another gaffe during the UK stage of her Piece Of Me Tour, this time in Blackpool.

The pop star gave a shout out to the crowd screaming: "How you feeling Birmingham."

The only problem was she wasn't in Birmingham.

Spears quickly corrected herself "I mean Blackpool".


Fans were quick to take to social media to point out the mistake. While some saw the funny side, others were left unimpressed by the show as a whole.

Unfortunately this wasn't the first time she's made such a mistake in the UK.

Earlier last month Spears seemed to have trouble remembering where she was mid-way through a performance in Brightonn.

Half-way through the show, she turned to one of her dancers and asked: "Where are we?"

The dancer replied: "Brighton Pride" and Spears quickly returned to the audience shouting: "What's up Brighton Pride!"