Ozark (Netflix)

Netflix's moodiest and gloomiest show is back for a second season. The divisive drama Ozark ended season one with Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family in a dire position, with a new ultimatum from the drug cartel they're swept up in and more enemies than ever before. In season two, a new attorney arrives in town to shakes things up just as the Byrdes are getting comfortable, and their partnership with the ruthless Snells, the cartel and their new deputy presents more dangers than ever before. Sure to be another breakneck season, all episodes of Ozark season two premiere tomorrow.

Alibi (TVNZ On Demand)

If you're tired of tried-and-true formulas in New Zealand television, give Alibi a punt; it's a groundbreaking, format-warping new series from Kiwi creators Hannah Marshall, David de Lautour and Gareth Williams. Set in small-town New Zealand, the show is hooked around the murder of 17-year-old Jodie Hunter (Madeline Adams). All six episodes drop at once but here's the twist: you watch them in any order you choose, and with each segment centred on a new suspect, it's up to you to piece together who's telling the truth. There's even an extra wealth of social media evidence to delve into. All episodes are available today; watch carefully.

Casual (Lightbox)

This Golden-Globe nominated comedy returns for its third and penultimate season next Wednesday. Executive produced by Jason Reitman – the director behind feel-good hits Juno, Up in the Air and this year's Tully – the brother-sister comedy looks at Valerie and Alex, two 30-somethings navigating modern dating while raising Valerie's teenage daughter. The third season picks up after the death of Valerie and Alex's father, and Valerie's decision to move out. Episodes are just half-hour morsels, which makes Casual the perfect kind of slice-of-life drama for tired eyes.

McLeod's Daughters (TVNZ On Demand)

All eight seasons of this beloved Australian soap will be available for your viewing pleasure from Saturday. The series follows long-lost sisters Claire (Kiwi actress Lisa Chappell, soon to be on stage in Auckland Live's Bright Star) and Tess (Bridie Carter) who are reunited after the death of their father. The sisters begin running the family cattle farm with an all-women workforce. The show, which originally ran from 2001-2009, is one of Australia's most successful TV shows; fun, drama and heartbreak abound – just make sure you're prepared for the famous tragedy that's remembered as one of the most shocking soap opera moments in TV history.