AM Show host Duncan Garner believes that, if New Zealand truly wants to become predator-free, Kiwis have to stop keeping cats as pets.

Garner said on Thursday morning that he has come to agree with Gareth Morgan's stance against cats as pets.

His controversial statement comes after the announcement on Wednesday of a $3.2 million boost in funding to help Wellington become predator-free.

"If we're going to spend millions and millions dollars on this, if this is going to work, we are going to have to make cats a predator and cats have to go, from Wellington to start with," Garner said on the AM Show.


"I thought Gareth Morgan was nuts on this and then I went away and did a bit of research and he's right," he added.

Unlike Morgan, Garner did not suggest a complete cull. Instead, he thinks the country should adopt Conservation minister Eugenie Sage's suggestion of not replacing current pet cats when they die.

"We're talking about just getting rid of them slowly. You do not replace your cat."

Garner's co-host Mark Richardson agreed: "Gareth Morgan is right – it doesn't matter how cute your cat is – it is a natural born killer."