Pamela Anderson has been one of America's top blonde bombshells for the past three decades thanks to her starring role on Baywatch and her Playboy covers.

And it looks as if the beauty is showing no signs of slowing down even though she is 51-years-old, reports Daily Mail.

On Wednesday the Barb Wire star gave a racy interview to Dazed magazine while showing off her toned legs in a steamy beach photo shoot, reports Daily Mail.

Inside the issue she answered some fan questions sent in by DM.


One of them asked what her opinion was on group sex.

Anderson did not disappoint. "I have never had a three some or group sex in a positive way," the Home Improvement star said.

"But to each their own. All my lovers were too jealous. Except for maybe one that fantasized about me being with a woman and watching us. It sounds tempting sometimes. But I'm too romantic. I don't enjoy sex without love and commitment. It's not mechanical or to show off. It's about intimacy and sharing secrets."

The siren is now dating Adil Rami; they met in February 2017.

She was married to Rick Salomon (2007 to 2015), Kid Rock (2006) and Tommy Lee (1995 to 1998).

The TV star has also been linked to Julian Assange (2015 - 2017), Matt Evers (2012 - 2013), Jon Rose (2011), Jamie Padgett (2009 - 2010), Criss Angel (2007 - 2008), Hans Klok (2007), David Binn (2007), Laurence Hallier (2006 - 2011), Stephen Dorff (2004 - 2005), Christian Monzon (2003 - 2004), Marcus Schenkenberg (2000 - 2001), Kelly Slater (1998 - 2000), Bret Michaels (1994 - 1995), David Charvet (1992 - 1994), Scott Baio (1990 - 1993), Jon Peters (1987 - 1990) and Tyrone Anderson (1982 - 1986).

She was then asked how she deals with being a sexy symbol.

Pamela Anderson (right) with Alexandra Paul (left) and Dave Charvet (centre) on the TV series Baywatch in the 1990s. Photo / Getty Images
Pamela Anderson (right) with Alexandra Paul (left) and Dave Charvet (centre) on the TV series Baywatch in the 1990s. Photo / Getty Images

"When men try to put me on a pedestal, it's the worst. It's isolating and lonely to be so protected. It's also someone that will cheat eventually," said the Stacked star.


"Thinking you are too perfect makes men insecure and have to seek attention from others. I just want to walk hand in hand through the streets and kiss and laugh and love. But some men have a fear of treating me as a normal girl. This is what I want more than anything."

She also said that money cannot buy her love. When one person asked if it's OK to have a sugar daddy, Pam answered: "I'm not an advocate of this. One man at a time is all I can handle. Plenty of sugar daddies out there. I can't make love to someone I'm not attracted to. Not any amount of money or presents are worth it."

Another fan said her boyfriend was going through an "asexual" period.

"I heard that this is an epidemic," said the beauty. "Or maybe it's an evolution in the age of technology and germ phobias."

She then asked, "Does he watch a lot of explicit pornographers or video games? Does he feel numb? Is he sure of his sexuality? Too much masturbation or fantasies about cyber film stars or video games like Fortnite seem to be an addiction. Wasting time. Is YouTube taking up his time?

"It's a confusing time with so much access to so much visually. I guess you must be brave – experiment with getting his attention. But don't blame yourself. Does he share what he fantasises about? What gender? What are his fears?

"Being a lover is vulnerable, especially to a sensitive person. An empath dives deep and can get depressed, and some are just afraid of love.

"We share our souls forever with someone we share our bodies with, and that can be scary. A computer has no attachment. And multiple bodies to look at to get excited about. It's a dangerous time for good sex. We must do all we can to keep human connections – we are stronger in pairs. Maybe have this conversation with him as a caring friend. And look for love and a great lover who isn't afraid somewhere else."

To another quizzical DM, she recommended sex toys.

When another fan said, "I'm in an overly dependent relationship, my partner is really needy. How do I break up with them?" Pam shot back, "You must....or seek therapy. Unhealthy attachments and jealousy destroy all. And it's crazy making."

When a man complained his boyfriend has gotten fat, Pam said the guy should get busy.

"Go to the gym together. Take long walks. Go vegan. It's better for his health. And I'm sure things will get better. Being vegan is an aphrodisiac diet. It's a win-win. Meat makes you impotent and unhealthy. Hopefully he's not on the computer or video games all day. That will change your body. A man with a flabby butt from sitting all day is not attractive. This creates an unattractive body. I'm not a fan of this lifestyle – it's boring."