A heartbreaking new trailer for I Am Paul Walker has been released.

The documentary celebrates the life of the Fast And The Furious star, which was tragically cut short when he was killed in a freak car accident in 2013, aged just 40.

The two minute teaser is filled with interviews with those who knew him best — his family, his friends, his directors and his co-stars.

Interspersed with footage from his films and cellphone-captured footage from adulthood, it also offers a glimpse into his early years, when he exuded movie star good looks long before he was a movie star.


Despite his photo-genetics, according to his brother Caleb, he didn't even want the flashy life of an actor when he was young.

"He would always say he wanted to be a park ranger, you know, make $28,000 a year and live in the wilderness," his sibling reveals in the clip. "That's really what he wanted to do."

Nevertheless, he wound up a movie-star anyway, most famed for his role as Brian O'Conner in The Fast And The Furious franchise; and according to sister Ashlie he always had that need for speed.

The star was killed at the age of 40 in a freak accident in 2013. Photo / Getty Images
The star was killed at the age of 40 in a freak accident in 2013. Photo / Getty Images

"He liked to go fast; as soon as I was old enough to hang on tight, I was on the back of his big wheel with him going for the ride of my life," she recalls in the clip.

Even with all his success — the Fast and Furious franchise being the sixth biggest of all time, grossing over $5billion to date — the director of the original Rob Cohen said his priorities remained the same.

"My daughter, my surfing — that's the life and that's what I care about," he paraphrased for his leading man.

"That guy made the best of every single minute... he lived five lifetimes," his Running Scared director Wayne Kramer added.

His friend Oakley Lehman described him as a "gun-toting hippie, the balance of opposites... a lover and a fighter"; while pal Andy Muxlow recalled: "He's definitely not a puppet... he's definitely not someone who's going to be told to do something and then do it."


Paul's uncle Rhett Walker emotionally declares: "I can actually say he did a lot of things that made a lot of difference in a lot of peoples lives... he was a giver."

The final word in the moving trailer is left to Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson: "If you loved him the way we did, you would say, well, why him and not us?"