Season five of Fortnite is here and with it comes some massive changes to gameplay and the map, with more changes likely to follow over the coming weeks.

While the leaks and data mining suggested a number of possible changes, most of these have not come true. The predicted time travel theory looks to have been accurate, with a Viking theme present on the map and in the skins.

While many of the other predictions have not come to pass, with no pirate, cowboy, Egyptian or any other time periods featured for now. However, be sure to keep on your toes, because as the season progresses we could still see further changes, as the giant rifts in the sky remain active.



Changes to the Map

Epic Games have outdone their efforts from Season four (where they destroyed the area formally known as Dusty Depot), this time completely replacing two areas on the map.

The biggest change has been the replacement of Moisty Mire with the new Paradise Palms, as well as a new desert biome that covers almost a quarter of the map. This desert area features several small towns, mountains, palm trees and a giant road (more on that later). This area seems to resemble the real life Palm Springs, California. Dinosaurs are on the map here as expected, but they are just statues.

The other big change to the map has been the scrapping of Anarchy Acres for the new named location Lazy Links. This area seems to resemble a US country club, and features a pool, tennis courts and golf courses.

In other changes to the map, the soccer stadium built for the world cup has disappeared, Dusty Divot has continued its re-growth and is now overgrown with trees. There is a new unnamed location, with a Viking themed area built on top of the mountain near greasy grove. Easter Island head statues have also spawned on the map near Junk Junction and Lonely Lodge.

Gameplay changes

There have been various gameplay changes, but two that are particularly game changing. Speaking of the new road in Paradise Palms, we finally have drivable vehicles in the game with the All-Terrain Kart able to transport your squad around the map.

While it is noisy enough to give away your position, it can help you navigate the map quickly. You can also drift, which grants a speed boost to the driver, while the roof of the kart acts as a bounce pad, which could allow for some interesting plays.

The other big change is new interactive rifts that open up at various points around the map. You can enter these rifts to respawn in the sky, and drop elsewhere on the map.

Battle Pass: Week 1 Challenges

— Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500)

— Search a Supply Llama (1)

— Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade Eliminations (3)

— Search Chests in Snobby Shores (7)

— Search floating Lightning Bolts (7)

— Follow the Treasure map in Risky Reels (The battle stars is near the bunker at Tomato Town)

— Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (3)