Despite numerous complaints being laid against it, controversial dating show Naked Attraction is returning to NZ screens tonight.

The show, which revolves around a date being selected from six naked individuals on display, initially aired on TVNZ at 9.30pm on Fridays in November 2017.

In January, the TVNZ Complaints Committee received 536 formal complaints about the show because of its full frontal nudity and sexual discussion.

The complaints were not upheld by TVNZ, and were referred to the Broadcasting Standards Authority on the basis that the complaints were dissatisfied with the broadcaster's response.


After initially finding the show acceptable for broadcast, in May of this year the BSA concluded episodes three to five of the series were not adequately signposted for viewers in the pre-broadcast warning.

It upheld the complaint that a stronger warning was needed to "fairy reflect the nature of the content".

It did not however uphold complaints of breaches of good taste and decency and shut down complaints that episodes were "pornographic".

The new season of the show begins tonight on TV2 at 9.30pm.

A TVNZ spokesperson said they don't "shy away from content that explores sex and sexuality".

The spokesperson said TVNZ provided other options across its channels for viewers who didn't want to watch this show.

The first season rated highly among TVNZ 2's target audience of 18 - 49-year-olds, averaging 190,000 people each week in that bracket watching the show.