Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory actress Denise Nickerson is in need of help after suffering from a stroke in June.

The 61-year-old star - who is in critical condition, according to TMZ - is in the ICU. Her family has set up a Facebook page to garner support and share updates.

Nickerson was a child actress when she played Violet Beauregarde, the girl who blows up into a large blueberry shape after breaking factory rules, in the 1971 musical film with Gene Wilder.

Denise is set to have a procedure on Wednesday.


The Denver, Colorado resident recently had a pacemaker put in, but she had a difficult reaction to it and became "agitated."

The Facebook support page called Support For Jasmine And Josh Nickerson is offering updates on her health. Josh is her son.

Denise Nickerson played Violet in the 1971 film.
Denise Nickerson played Violet in the 1971 film.

The last post was from Tuesday.

"Her nurse confirmed that she's having the stomach feeding tube installed tomorrow morning," wrote Josh's wife Jasmine.

"She's significantly more comfortable now that the temp pacer (which for those who don't know, is installed in the neck so they rest all the tubing on the shoulder and it's very sensitive to the touch) and other shoulder and neck tubing is removed."

She added, "The temporary feeding tube was also removed (by her own doing is entirely plausible) so she's not as agitated."

On July 8 Jasmine wrote, "They had to move her to a room where they can monitor her more closely. She pulled out her feeding tube and has been trying to fully climb out of bed. Her lung collapsed.

"They just discovered in the last few hours so they are putting a tube in to reinflate it. A rough day so far. Mom and Josh have been up with her today. I'm home sick with a small cold and trying not to worry."


Jasmime's sister has asked for money on Facebook so Jasmine and Josh can be by Denise's side. "If you have anything at all to donate to my sister and brother in law so they can ease their mind a bit and spend more time with their mother in the ICU. Anything to get off their plate is greatly appreciated," the sister wrote.

So far nearly $3,000 has been raised.

Denise was a regular on TV shows such as Search for Tomorrow, The Brady Bunch, Dark Shadows and The Electric Company.

Her last role was Zero To Sixty in 1978.