Eliminated Survivor star Eve says she "didn't expect to get so emotional" on the show, after last night's tribal council which saw her eliminated despite her tearful plea to stay.

Eve was voted out of her tribe after being perceived as a threat by her fellow strong tribemate Matt, and her calls for her teammates to "vote with their hearts" fell on deaf ears.

"I don't like watching myself cry on TV," says Eve. "I just didn't expect to get so emotional out there. That's probably the most I've cried in my life."

Reflecting on her experience, Eve says she's proud of her gameplay - despite feeling as though she had her back against the wall the whole game.


"I literally had everything against me the whole time," she says. "I was on Chani, and we were clearly the losing tribe; I was always on the losing tribe or the losing numbers basically.

"And then I was just unlucky because the people that I trusted, for example JT, who was my number one, got medevaced out; Arun was my number two, and he got taken out in the merge straight away."

Despite winning last night's reward challenge, Eve was sent home from Survivor New Zealand. Photo / Luke Brindle
Despite winning last night's reward challenge, Eve was sent home from Survivor New Zealand. Photo / Luke Brindle

Eve says her one gripe with Survivor is the way she's been edited - saying her gameplay has not come across on television.

"They basically didn't show any of my strategy," she says. "I don't regret it, because I didn't have any say in it, but that's the one thing that I'm gutted about, is that I then get to my episode where I'm leaving, and I'm crying because I was really invested in it, and I could see how I was gonna get to the end ... but they didn't play any of that, so it just looks like I'm crying for no reason.

"I know that in the edit it looks like I was really oblivious, and that I didn't play that well, but for me, how I perceived it, was that I had quite a good social game."

One of the more controversial aspects of this season has been the fact that Matt and Dave were friends before the game, and the way that that has affected the game. Eve says she holds nothing against either of the players, but believes it has unfairly advantaged them.

"It for sure ruined my game, (and) not just mine," she says. "There's no doubt that I would have still been in. (But) I don't have anything personal against them, it's not their fault."