Eliminated Survivor New Zealand contestant Renee Clarke says she saw her fate coming before the tribal council during which she was voted out.

"The day that tribal council was happening, the people who said they were in my alliance, like Matt for example, and Lisa, were all a little bit off with me," she says.

Feeling this way, Clarke, says she went into tribal council "all guns blazing", not holding back when going after other competitors who questioned her trust.

Clarke also says the mind games of Survivor was one of the toughest things she had to face in her 30 days on the island.


"Paranoia is just at the top of your radar, and not being able to trust anyone. I was on an island for nearly 30 days, being paranoid, playing a game and not having trust in people for that long, and your mind starts to go a little bit crazy," she says.

Much of the gameplay this week seemed to lead to Clarke's departure, starting with the immunity challenge, during which her fellow competitor Adam O'Brien claimed his first individual immunity win.

From the outset it was clear that Clarke was desperate to secure votes, and continued her attempts to get fierce rival, Dave Lipanovic, sent home from the island.

Considering Matt Hancock and Lipanovic's friendship outside the competition, the alliances were not in Clarke's favour, despite Hancock saying he would vote against Lipanovic.

Despite pleading her case to the other contestants during tribal, Clarke says she felt there was never any changing their mind, and so it would prove as she became the 10th contestant to be voted out of Survivor NZ.