Four new singletons have arrived in Fiji - and they're ready to turn up the heat.

Just when the players thought they knew what the game had in store for them, the surprise arrival of four new islanders threw a cat amongst the pigeons.

The newbies were Caitlin Smith, 23, a model from North Auckland, Liam Lonergan, 22, an event manager from West Auckland, Candace Kiernan, 22, a retail worker from Wellington and Ben Evans, 26, a personal trainer from West Auckland.

Things quickly got weird ...


Here are the most bizarre moments:

Four new cast members show up

Caitlin, Liam, Ben and Candace land on Heartbreak Island and instantly feel unwanted.

Lincoln and Gennedy, alongside new 'disruptors' Ben, Candace, Liam and Caitlin.
Lincoln and Gennedy, alongside new 'disruptors' Ben, Candace, Liam and Caitlin.

"It's like rocking up to a party completely uninvited. They didn't seem too stoked to see us," said Ben.

The four new contestants immediately had to participate in a challenge which included straddling their new partners.

Awkward much? Yes.

The girls had to find a key to unlock their partner's feet which were immersed in a tank full of eels, then balance Spanish wine on planks and carry them over multiple balancing logs.

A shocking double elimination

Weiting and Josh won the strange challenge and Shayna and Stacey were also safe.

But Matilda and Mark shocked players by a double elimination where contestants had to choose the "swap or save" and "playback" options.

Candace, Natasha, Ben and Lincoln all got sent home.

Gennedy ruthlessly chose to swap her partner Lincoln for Tavita.

"It's a game, I either shoot or get shot," she said.

It was a ruthless move: Lincoln helped her through the challenge and has always stuck by her side.

"Gennedy is a horrible person. I think they will hate her to bits," said Lincoln when he left the island.

Then he delivered this quip: "I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than hear Gen's voice again."

The 'Tropi-drama' night

The players all got together to get to know the new disrupters ... aka kiss them.

There were a few drunken lap dances from the originals for the newbies.

Weiting and disruptor Liam kissed at the bar and disruptor Candace made out with both Tavita and Joshua.

"Our main connection and attraction was that we both liked tattoos," said Tavita about his brief encounter with Candace.

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