Get on your Dr Martens, MTV has confirmed that everyone's favourite sarcastic teen is returning to the small screen, with Daria getting the reboot treatment.

The revival of the cult 1990s cartoon was announced on Thursday at the launch of the network's new production unit MTV Studios, reports

Titled Daria and Jodie, the reboot will focus on both Daria Morgendorffer and her friend Jodie Landon, Rolling Stone reports.

MTV's announcement drew a mixed reaction on Twitter, with some curious to see what Daria would be like as an adult, while others begged the series to be left alone.


Starting out as a Beavis and Butthead supporting character, Daria was given her own show in 1997, running for five seasons until 2002.

Since its axing Daria has achieved cult status and been praised for its progressive female characters.

MTV Studios is also rebooting cartoon Aeon Flux as a live action show and one of the first reality TV shows The Real World.