New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is due to give birth this weekend as the whole country braces for First Baby-mania.

Ardern graciously chatted with Stace and Flynny from The Hits about her upcoming birth and if she's going to be trying any of the tricks and old wives tales to get the birthing ball rolling.

"I heard that curries, walking on curbs, eating pineapple [help induce labour]," Jacinda explained, "I thought I'd do them all at once."

"So if you see me walking through Sandringham with a pineapple under my arm and a take-out curry … that's exactly what's going on."


Stace and Flynny also took a moment to speak to her unborn baby and share some words of encouragement.

"Hello little baby. We know it's time to come out pretty soon so don't keep anyone waiting, especially mum and dad, ok?" Flynny told the soon-to-be First Baby.

"Be so nice to Mamma. She's done such a good job carrying you and mamma has had a bit of work on as well. The whole wide world has been waiting for you," Stace told Jacinda's little one.

Ardern's due date is on Sunday.

- With The Hits