It is all about the saucy salsa this week with a Latin theme on Dancing with the Stars.

There are only seven remaining Kiwi celebrities battling it out on the dancefloor to win the grand title for 2018.

The competition was tight with Suzy Cato topping the leaderboard tonight in episode 13 with 23 points.

David Seymour and Roger Farrelly practise their twerking backstage on Dancing with the Stars. Photo / Twitter
David Seymour and Roger Farrelly practise their twerking backstage on Dancing with the Stars. Photo / Twitter

Sitting in second place equally is Shavaughan Ruakere and Jess Quinn on 22 points.


Judges Rachel White, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the contestants and their dance partners as follows:

• Suzy Cato, 23 points
• Shavaughan Ruakere, 22 points
• Jess Quinn, 22 points
• Roger Farrelly, 19 points
• David Seymour, 15 points

Top moments from this evening were:

David Seymour and Roger Farrelly 'twerking.'

David Seymour

David Seymour took to the stage to dance the merengue with his partner Amelia.

"Everyone knows there are faults in my dancing... and I think people vote for us because we are having fun," said David in his pre-dance interview.

Fans agree and loved his twerking dance moves.

Some viewers were not enjoying as much.


"I am not sure that was classy. However, you come out each week more excited than last week and I enjoy that. You give it 100 per cent each week," said Rachel.

"I am going to have to erase that twerking from my mind. It was lovely and entertaining and playful David," said Camilla.

"You are a naughty school kid. I am confused but at least you frame was great. I guess you just had fun, good on you Dave," said Julz.

Suzy Cato

The first dancer was Suzy Cato who danced the samba with her partner Matt to a Destiny Child song.

"The ligaments and joints are not what they used to be," admits Suzy in her pre-dance interview after visiting an osteopath.

Fans thought she did an amazing 'bootylicious' job.

"Way to shake that booty Suzy! I feel like you are on fire, I liked the technical aspects, but I feel like it was under-rehearsed," said judge Camilla.

"Suzy Brazillian blonde bombshell! I don't know if New Zealand can handle that. I do feel like your body weight wasn't on one foot at a time. It was a difficult routine," said Julz

"I disagree, I thought you had excellent technique. That was Suzy-licious," said Rachel.

Shavaughan Ruakere

Shavaughan was the second dancer of the evening with her partner Enrique.

Twitter fans thought her performance was firey and fun and enjoyed his sparkly pants.

"It wasn't your best performance I am sorry. You look shakey Shav. You went with all the moves but your step size needs to be smaller. It's too big for me," said Julz.

"I take so much pleasure in watching you dance. It was flashy, exciting and risky. One thing is the feet, you need to point them," said Rachel.

"Wow, those trousers! I do agree with my fellow judges. I am a huge fan of yours, I felt you weren't in the moment," said Camilla.

Jess Quinn

Jess and her partner took to the dance floor to perform the pasodoble.

After scoring a high 26 points last week, Quinn knew the pressure was on.

Fans on Twitter enjoyed her 'fierce' performance.

"It started out a little careful, then some intensity came through later on. You are such a fearless performer," said Camilla.

"Was shaky at the beginning, but then the fire started burning and got bigger! Every time, you need to involve everything, I need to see you fill up the space," said Julz.

"Jess the daredevil! I love how you went for tricks and risks tonight. But, your frame was loose, and you seemed a little unclear and unfocused," said Rachel.

Roger Farrelly

Roger and Carol-Ann danced the reggaeton.

Fans loved it, but some were sceptical.

"You certainly gave us a unique style of that. I was standing up clapping and dancing. You really put everything into it. It was a lot of fun," said Julz.

"You were really gangster, your timing was on point. I am excited by how much energy you have," said Rachel.

"It is so entertaining to watch you! I flew out of my seat and I just enjoyed it so much," said Camilla.

Watch the dance floor drama unfold again tomorrow night on Three from 7.30 to see who gets eliminated from the competition this week.