Tauranga's Shayna Maunder is about to compete for $100,000 and love on a new reality show but she has a warning for her dad - do not watch.

The 28-year-old is a contestant on New Zealand's latest new reality show, Heartbreak Island.

The show will see eight men and women paired up as couples at a sun-soaked Fijian resort, with a lot of mixing and mingling.

While not on a mad hunt for love, Maunder says she is very open to it.


Maunder, a former Bethlehem College student, now a dental assistant, has warned her parents against watching the show, which promises "love, tears, laughs, back-stabbing, betrayal and a bucketful of romance" and "lust".

"My parents know and I can't say I'd watch it with them when it starts in June – I definitely told dad not to watch it though!"

Matilda Rice - co-host of Heartbreak Island.
Matilda Rice - co-host of Heartbreak Island.

Former Bachelor star Matilda Rice is MC, but this show is raunchier than your average rose ceremony with an adults-only "uncut" screening late at night containing "scenes of a steamier nature".

Cast of Heartbreak Island. Photo / Tom Hollow
Cast of Heartbreak Island. Photo / Tom Hollow

The couples take part in challenges that test compatibility. Each person has the power to ditch and switch – swapping their partner for someone better suited, or better able to further their place in the game.

Maunder, who has been single for about three years, says she applied for the show after a happy hour with friends.

She doesn't have a game strategy and describes her perfect man as "someone who can make me laugh, has a great smile and teeth, and is nice to his Mum". That's all
she is looking for in a man, Maunder says.

But guys with bad manners or "someone who is way too up themselves" will not get a look-in.

Working in Wanaka now, Maunder's family still live in Tauranga and she might consider a move back.


"I have a huge soft spot for Tauranga, it was a great place to grow up and is such a beautiful place, so definitely wouldn't rule it out."

Heartbreak Island premieres Monday, June 11 at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2. It airs Monday to Wednesday.

For extra sizzle and scenes of a steamier nature, Heartbreak Island UNCUT airs Friday nights, 9.30pm on TVNZ 2 and on DUKE.