Incredible people

Joy Milne from Perth, Scotland, can smell Parkinson's disease. Before her late husband was diagnosed, Joy said his smell changed. By chance she mentioned this to scientists at a talk. They were intrigued, so Edinburgh University tested her.

In one test, she was given 12 T-shirts, six from people who had Parkinson's and six from others without. She identified 11 of them but was adamant that one control subject had Parkinson's. Eight months later that subject was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Gus, gran says study brings rewards

Rebecca received a mis-addressed letter a couple of months ago in the post and can't find its owner. "It's addressed to Gus from his grandma in the UK congratulating him on his school results, saying that Grandpa would have been proud of him and there is a pound coin inside. And there is no return address. I opened it because that's almost our address and our cat is called Gus and thought it was some sort of joke," she explains. "I'm guessing the family is in Kingsland. If you could publish it and they can name the grandpa I would love to give it to them."

Being bored is fun and good, sorry

"In 2018, it is easy and common to be tired, depressed, burnt out, dulled, vibrating with mundane panic, desperate for the sweet release of death, etc. But to be peacefully under stimulated with no relief in sight is almost impossible. The average person's life is full of little tasks to complete, group chats to respond "haha, yeah" to, emails to circle back on, and people you went to high school with to determinedly ignore on the bus. The entire world is one giant beeping alert to things we should do or can do or will do in the future, things we are doing at that moment but could be doing faster. It's more or less impossible to be bored. Bored means there are not thousands of to-dos to accomplish. Bored means it doesn't matter that there's not. Bored means you are free. In a time of endless, empty stimuli, it is a thrill to be under stimulated." (Being Bored Is Fun and Good, Sorry, an essay by Monica Heisey)


Daring rescue

A daring rescue in the heart of Mt Albert yesterday morning.
A daring rescue in the heart of Mt Albert yesterday morning.

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