"Don't get racist, don't get sexist, don't get drunk." That's what George's son told his dad as he headed off to his blind date in Auckland.

But he didn't tell George not to use Tinder. And that's exactly what George did.

It happened during the latest episode of First Dates NZ when George, a software developer from Dunedin, met Karen, a special needs teacher.

George meets Karen on First Dates NZ.
George meets Karen on First Dates NZ.

Karen had earlier shown up at the First Dates restaurant with her daughter Maisie, who had given her mum her own set of rules.


"I feel good about going on a date with my mum - unless she gets too flirty and embarrassing and gross, then I don't feel good," Maisie said.

George, 63, said his interests included "drinking beer and chasing women", and he admitted he'd been spending a bit of time on Tinder lately.

Initially, he and Karen, 55, appeared to hit it off. They swapped notes on special needs education. She specialised in teaching. He'd developed an app.

"He looks like a nice guy," said Karen. "He's well turned out."

George and Karen on their first blind date together.
George and Karen on their first blind date together.

But things took a bad turn when Karen headed to the bathroom. George took the opportunity to down an entire glass of bourbon, take his phone out of his pocket, sign into Tinder, and then start swiping.

Things got even worse when a selection of delicious desserts arrived at the table.

"It looks a bit fancy for me," declared George. "It looks a bit like something you'd throw up."

Unsurprisingly, George and Karen decided not to see each other again. "Karen's lovely but she's not my type," declared George, somewhat severely.

But his biggest complaint was saved for the drinks.

"I don't think there was enough bourbon in the bourbon," he declared. "I still feel completely sober."

Karen's daughter Maisie was also unlucky in love with her date, Christchurch dispatcher TeAwhi. The pair bonded over animals, and laughed about TeAwhi's massive family and seven-barrelled name.

"He doesn't look like any of my exes," said Maisie. "I wouldn't mind [another date]," declared TeAwhi. But Maisie declined, saying a long-distance romance didn't work for her.

TeAwhi and Maisie at the end of their blind date.
TeAwhi and Maisie at the end of their blind date.

Irish recruitment consultant Anthony showed up for his blind date with a bit of baggage - he'd been accused of being a drunk on First Dates Australia.

"As far as Ireland's concerned, I'm a casual drinker," he countered. "I'm not an alcoholic."

Anthony was matched with Tess, who wanted someone with an accent, someone who's fun-loving, and someone with ginger hair.

She got her wish. The pair agreed to a second date. "I'm a little shocked," declared Tess. "I thought I talked myself into a hole a wee bit."

Anthony and Tess link up on First Dates NZ.
Anthony and Tess link up on First Dates NZ.

The night's final date involved sales executive Alice, who'd come to Auckland because she was sick of Wellington's dating scene.

"Wellington's scene is just awful," she said. "Every lesbian in Wellington, I know them. It's like 100 people, most of them are in a relationship, or they have baggage. They're hung up on an ex."

Alice and Meriana on First Dates NZ.
Alice and Meriana on First Dates NZ.

She was matched with Navy steward Meriana and liked her straight away.

"She had a sick hat on," said Alice.

"I can picture you being a Ponsonby chick," said Meriana.

The pair tentatively agreed to a second date. "Our convo was really good," summed up Alice.