10 stars just became 9.

Former Bachelor Zac Franich is the third Kiwi celebrity to be eliminated off Dancing with the Stars this season.

Zac looked sad as he left the floor but says he gave it his best shot.

"The whole experience was amazing and meeting incredible people. It has been good to learn a new skill and to bring light to a great charity, Live More Awesome," says Franich.


The competition was tight with Samantha Hayes topping the leaderboard tonight in episode 8 with 26 points. Sitting in second place is Shavaughan Ruakere on 25 and Robert Rakete in third at 21 points.

This week's theme is 'Musical Icons' and the three judges were impressed with the first half of contestants dancing last night to a few musical classics from INXS, Rihanna and Guns N Roses.

Tonight, the judges Rachel Winter, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the contestants as follows:

• Samantha Hayes, 26 points
• Shavaughan Ruakere, 25 points
• Robert Rakete, 21 points
• Roger Farrelly, 18 points

Here's what happened on tonight's elimination:

Shavaughan Ruakere

The first dancer was Shavaughan Ruakere with her partner Enrique who danced the paso doble to Lenny Kravitz' 'Are You Going To Go My Way.'

Fans loved the passion and their outfits.

"You demanded everyone's attention tonight. There was internal fire throughout the whole performance," said judge Camilla.

"It was business time, you had drama, aggression and power It was so energetic. Your feet were missing a few heel-leads though," sais Julz.


"You were brave, gutsy and devoted. You had a sexiness that made you so attractive," said Rachel.

Samantha Hayes

The second dancer was Samantha Hayes who sought advice from Kiwi comedian and actress Madeleine Sami to 'loosen up.'

Dancing to Beyonce's 'Halo' she wowed fans on social media with her intimate performance but they weren't too sure about her underwear.

"Fifty Shades of Sam! Whatever Madeleine did, I liked it. You had a Cuban hip to die for..." said Julz.

"Lovely straight legs, you were sexy, sultry and seductive. you have raised the bar in this competition," said Rachel.

Robert Rakete

The third dancer was Robert Rakete and his partner Nicole dancing to George Michael's 'Gotta Have Faith.'


Fans still can't believe he is 51 years old.

"This was an improvement but the frame needs some work. Your shoulders are too high. But you have moments of shakiness and greatness," said Rach.

"I feel for you, you have had fast and difficult dances every week. You have everything in there. I really admire you for that... hiccups, yes, but let's fix it," said Julz.

Roger Farrelly

Last but not least tonight was radio host Roger Farrelly who danced the samba in a yellow Hawaiian shirt and white Panama hat.

Fans on social media were supportive.

"I think your inbox will be full tomorrow of people who want you to perform at kids parties, and weddings. I think you made up some steps... but you made everyone feel fabulous tonight," said Camilla.


"I felt I was at a tropical extravaganza," said judge Rachel.

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