Tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars had plenty of emotion and drama unfolding on the dance floor.

The competition was tight with Zac Franich and Jess Quinn topping the leaderboard tonight in episode 7 with 24 points. Sitting in second place is Marama Fox on 23 and Suzy Cato in third at 21 points.

This week's theme is "Musical Icons" and the first half of Kiwi celebrity contestants that danced tonight were Zac Franich, Jess Quinn, Marama Fox, Suzy Cato, Chris Harris and David Seymour.

Judges Rachel White, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the six contestants and their dance partners as follows:


• Zac Franich, 24 points

• Jess Quinn, 24 points

• Marama Fox, 23 points

• Suzy Cato, 21 points

• Chris Harris, 20 points

• David Seymour, 18 points

Recapping this evening's show:

The first dancer was Marama Fox.

In her pre-dance interview, Fox said "it is so good for te reo Māori to have it on TV, it was such an honour," talking about her striking performance last week incorporating the use of poi.

"I had a gastric bypass surgery" and says she lost 93kg after surgery.

She danced a dramatic dance in a beautiful red, white and black garment representing her proud Māori heritage.

"I thought you would leave week one, but now I think you will be here until the end," says judge Camilla.

"The queen is back and I like it," says Julz.

Fans enjoyed her performance too:

Cricketing legend Chris "Swinging Harry" Harris was the second contestant who danced to an INXS classic, Never Tear Us Apart.

"I have played it quite safe, and you just need to trust what you have done and worked hard, and I just need to let it go," said Harris in his pre-dance interview.

Fans loved it:

"You nailed the lift, but you need to work on the frame and focus. you are a cricketing legend and I think you could be a ballroom legend too," says judge Julz.

"The drive you have for a beginner is outstanding," says Camilla.

Suzy Cato was the third dancer this evening, dancing the rumba to Love The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna.

"The hunt is on for 'Saucy Suzy'" said Cato in her pre-dance interview.

"You seemed a bit scared ... and the dance was boring in moments," said judge Rachel White.

"I don't agree with Rachel," says Julz, "but rumba is difficult, so I think it was safe and beautiful but come back next week and let us know why you are here."

Jess Quinn was the fourth dancer, dancing the cha-cha with her partner Jonny to Justin Timberlake's


Fans loved Jess' performance:

"That was a fab cha-cha, the journey is so much more, your confidence comes from a place within, you say 'this is who I am and I am here!'" says judge Julz.

"In order to get a higher point from me, you need to have more light and shade," said Rachel.

People likened their bickering to "mum and dad".

The fifth dancer was former Bachelor Zac Franich who had "a complete blank" last week.

He danced his butt off to Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses in a black and gold emblazoned velvet vest.

"You nailed it, brother. But from all these years of rowing, you need to try some hot yoga, you need to continue the movement through the body," says Julz.

"You showed amazing shape, control and resistance and beautiful articulated feet ... it was like a professional. You still need to work on your frame," says judge Rachel.

David Seymour danced the waltz in a bow tie, as the final contestant.

"David, that was a huge improvement, this style suits you. Your upper body top-line was great through the whole number ... unfortunately your bum was sticking out," says judge Rachel.

Judge Julz said he has a "claw hand" when touching his dance partner during their routine and urged him to relax his fingers.

Watch tomorrow night on Three from 7.30pm to see who gets eliminated from the competition this week.