Justin Timberlake made an 88-year-old super fan's dreams come true when he invited her backstage to a recent show.

Bette Maloney got tickets to Timberlake's gig in Orlando, Florida thanks to her family who surprised her with them last Easter.

But that wasn't the only surprise in store, not only did Timberlake give Maloney a shout out on stage during the show, Maloney also managed to get backstage and take some adorable snaps with the super star.

According to NME, Maloney's daughter Beth Watson said: "She was so excited".


"She did have a few things to say planned, and she brought Justin's son a gift to give to him."

In answer to the question of why she was such a big fan, Maloney said: "I think he's a very, very nice young man and he's so talented.

"He writes, sings, dances, acts, performs. And he's married and has a baby. He seems to be pretty settled."