In the past I've had problems with musical-comedy. Either, the show is too music-heavy and doesn't sustain laughs, or, the humour may be there but I'm left wondering what the need for any music was.

Occasionally, however, a winning combination is found. Two Hearts is one such example.

Having missed out on their hugely successful debut season last year, I was eager to see whether Two Hearts – the musical-comedy collaboration between comedians Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore – could keep the momentum up in their Billy T Award nominated sophomore run.

And while I can't compare this year's show to their last, I was very impressed with what I saw.


The show is hinged around a simple yet surprisingly unique premise: Can a stadium-sized spectacle be condensed down into an intimate theatre environment?

The answer is mostly yes. With Daniel an exceptional singer and Moore a talented producer (and both of them successful comics) the songs sound authentic and the lyricism is genuinely funny. The music predominantly deals with relatable social issues or is a clever satire of modern pop culture, which meant it has no trouble drawing laughs out of the largely youthful audience. Some songs work better than others, but there's never a dull moment.

I think part of what makes the show so successful is that, comedy aside, the music is actually good.

And, Wednesday night technical issues aside, the show's a slick affair too - with confetti, costume changes, back-up dancers and a whole host of other concert tropes thrown in.

Sadly, the projectors weren't working on the second night of this week-long season, but that just provided some extra time for interaction between the duo and their enthusiastic audience.

It can be hard for even the most seasoned performers to strike a balance between music and comedy. Thankfully, Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore nail it. Two Hearts is a blast.

Who: Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore
What: Two Hearts: Restart the Hearts
When: Until Saturday
Where: Loft at Q Theatre