And another one bites the dust.

The second Kiwi celebrity going home tonight from this season's Dancing with the Stars NZ is former bachelorette Naz Khanjani after scoring 20 from the judges and combined audience votes.

Judges Rachel Winter, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the final 4 contestants and their dance partners tonight as follows:

• Marama Fox 24 points
• Suzy Cato 21 points
• Naz Khanjani 20 points
• David Seymour 12 points


This elimination follows a controversial call host Dai Henwood made about Gilda Kirkpatrick leaving the show last week.

The DWTS host is taking some flak from the eliminated contestant after a seemingly snarky comment at the start of last night's show.

Kirkpatrick is one woman we wouldn't want to get on the bad side of – but Henwood has.

Henwood opened Sunday's show with a quip about Gilda's elimination last Monday, saying she had been "thrown back to the wild."

The Real Housewives of Auckland star then took to Twitter with a threat to "burn the f**king rigged house down".

Recapping tonight's second elimination:

The first dancer on tonight's show was Naz Khanjani who spoke to host Sharyn Casey last night about her dance partner's injury during rehearsals this week leading up to the show.

"During the rehearsal, Tim's knee bent sideways and he nearly broke it," says Khanjani.

"To be completely honest I highly doubt he will make it on stage tomorrow but he is a fighter. I will be here no matter what even if it means dancing alone."

She took to the stage with Gilda's former partner Shay instead, to dance the cha-cha in a slinky blue dress.

Afterwards, she looked emotional, "yeah it's been a really emotional week, no one wants to see someone they care for, in pain."

"I think you made Tim very proud tonight, thank goodness Shay came and danced with you tonight. You trust him and you know he is there for you," says Camilla.

"It was a safe routine," says Julz.

Fans think she has got what it takes.

Dancer number two was David Seymour in a velvet sequined 'deep v' dancing outfit.

He chose 'Drive' by Bic Runga as his song to dance the rumba to.

Fans found his routine a little 'too much'.

"I'm sorry but this wasn't your good day, but it just wasn't, said Judge Julz, "your timing was off."

"I thought we saw a rather romantic David tonight! I truly think everyone can learn to dance, and I think it will take a little longer, and I hope time is on your side," said Camilla.

Marama Fox was the third dancer who danced a with her 'poi' as a world first in any Dancing with the Stars competition.

"I want to do justice to the waiata and to the song," said Fox in her pre-dance interview.

She got a standing ovation from the live audience crowd and fans on social media loved it.

"I am so shocked, it was totally unbelievable, I am not a fan of props but ... just wow I am flabbergasted!" said Rachel White.

Last but not least was crowd favourite, Suzy Cato. dancing to 'Titanium' by Sia.

"You looked so confident, you are on the right path," says judge Camilla.

"Awesome work, but keep your weight on the balls of your feet" was some feedback says Julz.

Sunday night's scores were:

• Chris Harris, 24 points
• Shavaughan Ruakere, 23 points
• Jess Quinn, 21 points
• Roger Farrelly, 20 points
• Samantha Hayes, 20 points
• Robert Rakete, 18 points
• Zac Franich, 17 points

Dancing with the Stars NZ is on Three, Sunday and Monday nights.