For New Zealand Music Month, NZ On Screen's Zara Potts, is looking at our geographical musical history and some of the unique bands and musicians to have come out of our biggest cities.

So, what band best represents the city in which it formed? You be the judge.

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First up – the City of Sails, our largest metropolitan city – Auckland.

The bands are as diverse as the topography. Everything from platinum-selling pop music to sweet soul sounds, Auckland has had its share of great musical acts.

One of the most successful bands to spring up from the basalt was Split Enz. The band broke the mould with their genre-bending songs and art school inspired outfits – and the audiences loved it. Technically the Finn Brothers are from Te Awamutu, but the band itself climbed up through the Auckland music scene until it burst out in a blaze of colour onto the nation's main stage. Split Enz found mainstream success with the 1980 album 'True Colours' – which topped the charts on both sides of the Tasman - and went on to have myriad chart toppers.

Extra bonus points for the spin-off acts that came out of Split Enz such as Crowded House and The Swingers.


Watch 'I Got You' here:

The 70's and early 80's were a boom time for local musicians. Rock acts quickly became local legends, before they made the pilgrimage across the ditch to make it big in Australia. Once such act was Dragon – again with two brothers at the helm. Dragon were the quintessential live act – with big songs and catchy choruses, the Hunter brothers captivated the crowds from Auckland to Adelaide.

Extra bonus points for the song 'Young Years' which was co-written by Kiwi singer Sharon O'Neill.

Watch the Hunter brothers and Dragon here:

Catchy choruses were also something that DD Smash excelled in. Fronted by Dave Dobbyn, the band monstered the 80's with hit after hit. Not surprising as Dobbyn had a good pedigree, coming from popular band, Th' Dudes. DD Smash released its debut album in 1982 and it became the first Kiwi album to debut at number one and stayed in the charts for a whopping 24 weeks.

Extra points for DD Smash Drummer Peter 'Rooda' Warren appearing in barely-there speedos for the video of 'Outlook for Thursday'.

Watch DD Smash here:

Another band with a fine pedigree were The Mutton Birds. Lead singer Don McGlashan first came to prominence in the punk band Blam Blam Blam, and the more theatrical Front Lawn, before going on to form The Mutton Birds. Their debut single, 'Dominion Road' became a classic song, much loved by Aucklanders and their 1994 hit, 'Anchor Me' won the APRA silver scroll.

Extra Points for Don McGlashan's cover version of another iconic Kiwi song, 'Nature' by The Fourmyula.

Watch 'Dominion Road' here:

Herbs were of a different musical genre – the founders of Pacific reggae, they were one of Aotearoa's most important bands of the 80s. As well as a knack for infectious rhythm, the band also had a knack for picking up on political issues, such as the anti-nuclear movement, that struck a nerve with Kiwis. Over its career, the band had ten Top 20 singles and were in demand to record with other big-name muso's including Tim Finn and Dave Dobbyn.

Extra points for the band adding their special touch to the Footrot Flats theme song 'Slice of Heaven'.


Watch 'Sensitive to a Smile' here:

If you wanted to see what a genuine melting pot would look like, then you'd need to look no further than the 90's band Supergroove. It achieved the unlikely alchemy of bringing together rockers, hip hop homies and a big old brass section together. The band enjoyed a hugely successful seven-year career releasing a string of anthem-like hits that propelled them to stardom. Since it split, the band has produced many other successful acts including hip hop heavyweight Che Fu.

Extra Points for vocalist Karl Steven going on to be a Classics scholar at Cambridge University.

Watch 'Can't Get Enough' here:

Singer songwriter Jason Kerrison's original name for his band was to be 'Goldfish Shopping Trolley,' perhaps luckily for them the band quickly morphed into the easier to say – Opshop. From humble beginnings playing gigs at an Auckland backpackers bar, the band quickly found a more local audience after their debut single won a competition on the ZM radio network. After releasing their 2007 album 'Second Hand Planet', the band went on to be the first local band to ever reach No. 1 on iTunes New Zealand.

Extra points for featuring When the Cat's Away singer Dianne Swan as backing vocalist on 'One Day'.

Watch 'One Day' here:

The streets of Takapuna run deep in this one. Ella Yelich-O'Connor, better known as Lorde, was raised on the North Shore and her early songs reflect the feelings of teenage angst surrounded by suburbia. Her single 'Royals' became a massive break-out hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and her global superstardom was cemented with the success of her two albums, 'Pure Heroine' and 'Melodrama'. The rest is, as they say, history.

Extra points for Lorde's original appearance in the intermediate schools Battle of the Bands competition.

Watch her early career performance here:

The sweet poly funk sound of Ardijah was born in a South Auckland nightclub where in 1980, bass player Ryan Monga spotted singer (and future wife) Betty-Ann in a local talent quest. Her incredible voice and his contemporary R'n'B strumming, helped them find success with several hit singles, including the immensely popular 'Time Makes a Wine' that staked a place in New Zealand's musical landscape.

Extra points for Ardijah still recording and touring 40 years since they formed.

Watch 'Time Makes a Wine' here:

For many Kiwi's, the band Peking Man is the quintessential 80's band. From the exceptional hairdo's to the cutting edge graphics in their videos, Peking Man epitomised the age. Formed in 1983, Peking Man met their greatest success after Margaret Urlich joined her brother Pat Urlich on vocals. Known for a string of radio friendly singles including 'Good Luck To You' and 'Lift Your Head Up High', the band had its greatest success in 1985 with chart topper 'Room That Echoes'.

Extra points for Margaret Urlich's turn in the all-female group When the Cat's Away.

Watch 'Good Luck to You' here: