The Handmaid's Tale is the ultimate example of hard-to-watch but can't-look-away television. Its colour-drained world, uncomfortable violence, and ultra-dire predicaments make for a brutally harrowing watch. Tonight, the second season kicks off on Lightbox, and I've heard whispers that it's only levelled up the intensity. Praise be that we have a TV show that not only offers juicy, complex characters to a wide range of incredible actresses, including Elisabeth Moss, Samira Wiley and Ann Dowd, but holds a mirror to society's long history of mistreating women. It's gripping, emotional television, and I'm psyched for another 10 episodes that'll probably leave me feeling absolutely miserable.


Three years after it was announced, Tinashe has released her long-delayed second studio album, Joyride. Despite a number of certified bangers, it's a bit of a mess – but it's also a fascinating example of what happens when artistry is restrained by label politics. Joyride contains less than half the seven singles released in promotion for it, a number of them dumped as perceived failures. Tinashe also fought fiercely for the title track, which was initially bought by Rihanna without her prior knowledge. While the singles that do appear sound like rushed jobs, there's plenty of genius at play to make it a worthwhile listen. Her falsetto is on fire on the smooth, airy He Don't Want It, and she's matched perfectly with Little Dragon on the brilliant Stuck With Me.



Silo Cinema finishes its summer season this Friday with a people's choice film, and the votes are in for Labyrinth – the kind of film that people love from their childhood, while at the same time remember the pure terror they felt while watching it. David Bowie's performance in this film is somehow amazing and intensely scary at the same time. As always, food, drinks, and DJs begin at 4.30pm, while the film kicks off at 8pm. If you didn't manage to drop by Silo Park over summer, this weekend is your last chance before the cold weather arrives and we all wish we were in hibernation.


What feels like New Zealand's busiest festival kicks off this weekend, with an endless list of local and international comedians about to storm our cities for the Comedy Festival. While there are a number of great solo shows kicking off the programme this weekend, a solid option for the overwhelmed comedy fan is Snort with Friends. The Friday night improv staple becomes a special-edition version over the festival by throwing new guests into the mix with the main cast. It'll be undoubtedly hilarious, and will offer a taste of a number of comedians performing in the festival.