Josh Thomson opens up about why he quit The Project.

My first job was...

working at the music counter at The Warehouse in Timaru. I had no say in what music played out so I have listened to Now That's What I Call Music 44 about 3000 times. If anyone plays Mambo No. 5 near me, I won't be responsible for my actions.

It taught me… opening up plastic bags without moisture on your fingers is absolutely impossible.


My big break came… during a series of ads for Fresh Up. In them, I was eating chillies and Weetbix, running in Pink Batts, jumping up a sand dune in a sleeping bag and doing aerobics in a hot spa with five wetsuits on. It was my first professional acting gig and legitimised my move from Timaru to Auckland. I also got to take home the last half of the box of Weetbix.

The last job I quit was… The Project. I've spent so much time working multiple jobs it's time to hang with my wife and baby. Also, I've been meaning to fix a shelf in the toilet for ages.

The most famous person I've ever met is… Charlize Theron. I was at a premiere for North Country in Auckland. She walked into the room and everyone went quiet. She looked around and for some reason made a beeline straight for me.
She softly asked, "Do you have a lighter?" I said, "No". Then she walked off. I didn't say it was a good story.

She was… wonderful. Probably. I assume she didn't stick around to chat because she had stuff to do. So did I, so no big deal. We've all got stuff on. I never knew if she found that lighter. I like to imagine her in her fancy premiere get-up trying to set fire to a bit of newspaper in the staff-room toaster.

The best time I've had on set… I've had many great times with many great people so it is hard to pick one. I think lying on the forest floor under a pile of fern leaves while it rained for The New Legends of Monkey. It was cold, wet, and my back was soaked with mud. All I thought was "I'm in a kung fu show that kids will love". I had a big old smile on my face.

But the worst was… lying under a pile of leaves while it rained for The New Legends of Monkey. It was really cold and wet.

My dream role would be… People often tell me I look like a young Muhammad Ali. Someone already did that movie though so not many options left now.

Josh Thomson stars in The New Legends of Monkey premieres tomorrow night at 8pm on TVNZ2.